Ginger Poole
Senior Product Designer

Driving Engagement with Online Payments

Adding InstaMed Payment Feature to Cigna Claims

The Problem

From the claim summary screen, customers repeatedly told us they wanted to be able to:

  • See how much they owed their provider

  • Pay a claim to a provider online

  • Mark a claim as paid if they had paid at the provider's office

Cigna partnered with InstaMed (a medical payment vendor) to allow payment directly to providers through their website. Our task was to integrate a Pay Now button and a Mark as Paid button for each claim on an already tight screen. This button would launch a new window, payment would happen, and the user would be returned to the site with the payment status updated.

Exploratory Research
Driving Engagement with Online Payments


Flow for User Test

I designed the flow to include stops for probing questions during user testing (orange stars). I created questions for the researchers to probe on including:

  • Do you know how much you owe?

  • What if you already paid some of what you owe at the doctor's office or a copay? What would you do then?

  • Would you ever make a partial payment and how would you want to do that?

  • Now that you are on InstaMed's site, who is InstaMed?

  • If your doctor didn't get paid, what would you do? Who would you call?

Driving Engagement with Online Payments

Draft #1 - Add "Pay Now" and "Mark as Paid"

Designing the Summary Card

I began by trying different combinations of Pay Now and Mark as Paid. After the payment is made, the Pay Now becomes a green checkmark beside the word PAID.

Driving Engagement with Online Payments

Draft #2 - Add "Balance Due"

After user testing

I created Axure prototypes to test the flows and during testing, we found that customers only wanted to know what they owed. I designed this layout that included "balance due." This tested well with customers.

Driving Engagement with Online Payments

Draft #3 - Add "My Payments"

The final design

One problem that arose was that when a customer arrives at a page full of "Balance Due" entries, it appears overwhelming.

The business decision was to reverse the thought process and show "My Payments" instead of Balance Due. The orange star is the final design.

Responsive & Accessible Design
Driving Engagement with Online Payments

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Responsive Design

I created the responsive designs in Sketch and hosted them on Invision where our developers used the Inspect feature to get guidance for coding.

Driving Engagement with Online Payments

Accessibility Annotations

As a designer, it is also my responsibility to take into account any accessibility considerations that the design can enhance. Here I am indicating the tab order I expect the developers to code.

Launched November 2020

Collaboration has been the key

This project was fun because of the multitude of stakeholders, the challenges with vendor integration, the prototyping, and the research opportunities. Also, the backend systems are complex, as are the plan designs.