Ginger Poole

Note: Cover images were made with the generative AI App, Dream.

I am a curious future-oriented designer. I use Human-Centered methods to push the boundaries of design, technology, and UX. I'm committed to creating experiences that are responsible, transparent, and fair.

Need a diverse perspective? I'm she/her, artist, mental health background, 11 years of healthcare design experience, trained in research and UCD at IBM, & a beach-lover.

As a Design Leader, I am ALWAYS LEARNING

  • Udacity AI/ML for Product Managers course

  • Working with a design leadership mentor

  • Courses in Data Visualization at Parsons

  • AR/VR Bootcamp

  • Accessibility studies online

  • Innovation challenges at Cigna - 3 years

  • Design Thinking Training

  • Full-Stack Bootcamp

  • HCI Certificate

As a Skilled Practitioner, I'm at the Forefront of Design with

  • Sketch/Figma/Invision

  • Prototyping tools/Axure

  • UI Design

  • Wireframing, Storyboarding, User Journeys

I love to think, a lot. But I love to lead and inspire designers even more!