Ginger Poole
Product Designer

Seva Exchange

Modernizing Timebanking with Blockchain and AI

Introducing Timebanking

I heard about Seva Exchange on a podcast called Awarepreaneurs. The CEO was talking about the vision to bring timebanking (every hour of service is worth another hour of service) to the world using blockchain and AI.  I began volunteering with the startup to design a prototype for a mobile app.

Seva means "service" in Sanskrit

What is Seva Exchange?

The Seva Exchange app is a combination of a social network, a volunteer hour tracking software, news feed, review system, and registration and profile.

Beginning of a user flow (created with Sketch and posted on Invision)

Beginning of a user flow (created with Sketch and posted on Invision)

Activity Page    

Activity Page    


We needed a way to show requests and offers with minimal information for scanning, but enough information to choose to tap on the card for more information.

Features included

  • Curated personalized list from the AI engine

  • Featured Activity promoted by the AI engine or by the Timebanking Coordinator 

  • An opportunity to post a request

  • Ability to filter

  • Simplified Tab Bar Navigation 

Profile Page

Profile Page

Profile Design

The profile includes not only reviews but Seva Coins earned and the ability to change your skills, interests, and settings


  • Profile picture, demographics, location edit

  • Sample review with a link to all reviews

  • Seva Coin balance

  • Link to change the interests, skills and organizations 

Meaningful Work

Making an impact

This project has the potential to restore the concept of community to our society. Reciprocal service is sustainable and dignified. It releases our hold on consumerism. I look forward to seeing the future of Seva Exchange.

"Make a difference. One hour at at time."